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The genesis of eclaircolor

The new cinema standard

After two years of research, Eclair and CinemaNext (Ymagis Group), the European specialists in digital technologies for the film industry, unveil an innovation set to revolutionize film projection: EclairColor. This new digital high dynamic range (HDR) color technology achieves image projection of unprecedented quality.

Brighter, sharper, with more depth of field, more density and more detail, the images produced with EclairColor technology have more contrast and greater fidelity, better reflecting the photography originally intended by the film’s creative teams.

The result is striking. Right from the first frame, moviegoers are immediately struck by the considerably higher image quality. This revolutionary color process allows moviegoers to see heightened detail in the highlights, thus revitalizing the cinema experience with the best possible image quality.

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The eclaircolor technology

A new world of colors

EclairColor is a new digital HDR color technology that combines an innovative mastering process with the optimization of select projection system technologies readily available from CinemaNext.

EclairColor offers a high-quality image with heightened contrast and a wider color range. The gradients are much more refined, closer to what can be seen with the human eye.

EclairColor technology does not necessitate any changes during filming as the process only applies to the mastering and projection phases. In post-production (mastering), each image is processed in EclairColor thanks to a standard software suite customized by Eclair’s engineers to provide a wider color range. Colors are therefore more natural, particularly as seen in landscapes or on faces.

As the remastering is carried out under the control of a film’s director and director of photography, new details become visible while maintaining the filmmakers’ initial intent. The effects they sought to achieve through the choice of lenses and lighting during filming are more apparent with EclairColor technology, with the resulting onscreen images better reflecting the team’s original vision.

To learn more about the technology, please read:

White paper FAQ


The EclairColor process is based on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) workflow, meaning it can be applied to any grading tool currently in use.

The Benefits

From their earliest days, cinemas have been on the cutting edge of picture and sound innovation. Today, there are new challenges and the moviegoing experience must remain a premium experience through which moviegoers can enjoy shared emotions. The revolutionary EclairColor HDR color solution results in image projection of unprecedented quality and the technology is accessible to all cinema exhibitors.

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The EclairColor DCP* requires a projector able to produce a high contrast ratio such as the Sony Digital Cinema 4K SRX-R-515 or 510 and Barco DP4K-40LHC, DP4K-20LHC, DP4K-23BLP HC and DP4K-32BLP HC. The advantage of EclairColor equipment is that it can be used to project both EclairColor and standard content. EclairColor projectors have been designed to offer flexibility to exhibitors, as they can be used to show 2K or 4K content in both the current standard DCI format and in EclairColor. Being fully compatible means exhibitors can run films in EclairColor format when available while continuing to show all other standard content.

Adaptable to all types of cinemas, from arthouse to the largest multiplexes, whatever the screen size, EclairColor significantly improves the projection quality of all films and thus brings a new dimension to the big screen viewing experience.

*DCP - Digital Cinema Package - Collection of digital files used to store and provide films in digital format to movie theaters

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Sphera, the new Premium Format Cinema concept, offers the highest picture quality available today with deeper blacks, richer colors and finer details. Powered by EclairColor and the latest projection technologies, Sphera features a new digital HDR color solution that combines an innovative mastering process with the optimization of select projection system technologies. Presenting images with more contrast and greater fidelity, EclairColor delivers image projection of unprecedented quality, brings out detail, and gives a better sense of depth. Sphera projection systems are 4K and screens are wall-to-wall for greater impact.


The filmmakers

Go behind the scenes with our collection of video interviews.

Discover how today’s Hollywood and independent filmmakers use EclairColor HDR technology to produce spectacular moviegoing experiences.

Filmmaker's Perspective: Rémy Chevrin, Director of Photography of
L'oeil du cinéaste : Rémy Chevrin, Directeur de la photographie de
L’oeil du réalisateur : David Moreau revient sur le développement de l’univers de « Seuls » avec la technologie EclairColor HDR
Director’s Perspective: David Moreau talks about working with EclairColor HDR in

Behind the scenes

Meet the key people who make EclairColor a dream come true

Jean Mizrahi

Jean Mizrahi

Founder, President and CEO Ymagis Group

Christophe Lacroix

Christophe Lacroix

Christophe Lacroix Senior Vice President New Projects, Ymagis Group

Cédric Lejeune

Cédric Lejeune

VP of Innovation and Technology Eclair

Thierry Beaumel

Thierry Beaumel

Director of Image Postproduction Eclair

Till Cussmann

Till Cussmann

SVP CinemaNext

Maxime Rigaud

Maxime Rigaud

Managing Director CinemaNext France, Switzerland and Africa

EclairColor Partners

Developed by CinemaNext and Eclair, EclairColor is a proprietary mastering process that optimizes content for presentation at reference light levels of 30fL for 2D projection. This allows EclairColor-certified cinemas operating Sony SRX-R500 projectors to play films with an expanded range of brightness levels for an impressive HDR entertainment experience.

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Founded in 1907 in the early days of cinema, Eclair is a historic, innovative and respected company in the motion picture and television industries. We offer smart solutions across Europe and North America to producers, movie and live events distributors, rights holders, cinema exhibitors, advertising agencies, broadcasters, video publishers and VOD/SVOD platforms. Eclair has become a leader in UHD 4K and HDR technologies for feature films, documentaries, TV movies and series. This new digital color technology is able to achieve image projection of unprecedented quality. Headquarted in Paris-Vanves (France), Eclair has 12 additional offices in the following cities: Berlin, Karlsruhe, Madrid, Barcelona, London, New York, Liège, Vicenza, Auxerre, Issy-Les Moulineaux, Strasbourg and Rabat. Eclair is part of Ymagis Group, the European leader in advanced digital technology for the cinema industry.


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CinemaNext is the largest cinema exhibition services company in Europe, providing smart, comprehensive solutions across the board, from projection equipment, audio systems, central systems, cinema outfitting, content management, 3D glasses, TMS, digital signage, screens and seating to consulting services. Clients enjoy the highest level of reliability and lowest cost of ownership through our various services: design & project management, equipment sales and financing, installation, maintenance, customer service (NOC), online monitoring, content management, spares and consumables, service agreements and supply chain & logistics. 9,500 screens have been installed by our technicians to date. 7,000 screens in Europe currently avail of service contracts with our company. CinemaNext is headquartered at the Pôle Image in Liège (Belgium) and has regional offices and business representatives in 25 territories across Europe, Africa and Central Asia. CinemaNext is part of Ymagis Group, the European leader in advanced digital technology for the cinema industry.


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Sony Digital Cinema 4K is currently the only manufacturer of affordable cinema projection equipment that meets image brightness and contrast requirements for the presentation of movies mastered using the EclairColor High Dynamic Range (HDR) process. Offering light output levels ranging from 9,000 lumens to 60,000 lumens to suit every size of screen, all Sony SRX-R500 Series 4K projectors are ‘HDR-ready’ as standard with an industry-leading average contrast ratio of 8000:1. This exceeds the specification set for screening movies mastered using the EclairColor HDR technology.


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From the outset, Barco has focused on developing solutions that meet the needs of both exhibitors and audiences. The EclairColor-certified high contrast 6P Flagship laser cinema projection systems - available through CinemaNext – are examples of this. Providing very high contrast and stunning brightness, the Flagship laser projectors bring exceptional image quality to both white and silver screens. Moreover, they simplify operations and reduce operating expenses.